Gaseous Fire Suppression System

LPG Fire Suppression solutions offer a range of inert gaseous, carbon dioxide and halocarbon fire suppression systems. LPG has a range of inert gaseous fire suppression systems specifically designed to provide effective fire suppression in a number of different environments.LPG is renowned for first class product development, design and ensuring systems are industry approved. LPG holds a number of internationally recognized approvals such as UL, ULC, FM, VdS, LPCB, Lloyds Register of Shipping and DNV

We Design, Supply, Testing and Commission following Gas Suppression Systems :
  • LPG High Pressure CO2 System
  • LPG “iFlow” Clean Agent System
  • LPG NOVEC 1230 Clean Agent System
  • LPG FM-200 Clean Agent System
  • LPG IG-541 Clean Agent System 200Bar and 300Bar