Early Fire Detection: Infrared Camera and Monitors for Automated Extinguishing

There is a high risk of fires, especially in waste, wood and paper processing. Early fire detection systems using infrared detection allow early identification of potential fire sources and rapid response times. Hazardous hotspots that may turn into a fire source are identified within minutes, even before smoke or flames appear.

The early fire detection system allows the full-surface monitoring of large areas using panoramic thermal imaging. Combined with intelligent analyzing software, this enables the precise localization of a fire source. In addition, remote-controlled FireDos monitors are used for pinpointed extinguishing with water or foam. This helps avoid lengthy and costly system downtime and collateral damage with little effort.

The combination of automatic early fire detection and an automatic fire extinguishing system allows tailored extinguishing strategies perfect for each application.
Smart software and analysis of individual characteristics are used to screen the surroundings, distinguishing between hot engines, exhaust pipes and hotspots that may indicate an actual or possible fire.

Integrated with the automatic extinguishing system, the FireDos firefighting monitors are controlled electronically. The required extinguishing agent flow rate can be adjusted automatically during operation and achieves maximum reach and optimum accuracy thanks to the flow-optimized Oval Flat Design.