Pressure Relief Valves

Pressure Relief Valve (PRV) modulates to maintain a steady, predetermined pressure in the pipeline. Should the upstream pressure exceed the required set point, the valve opens, releasing the excessive pressure. When the pressure falls below the set value, the valve closes drip tight.

  • Simple field adjustable pressure setting, requiring no special tools or system downtime
  • Superior design featuring exceptionally low pressure losses at high flow rates
  • Maintains a steady preset system pressure, regardless of fluctuating supply
  • Automatically relieves overpressure should upstream pressure exceed the required set point
  • Low lifelong maintenance costs due to straightforward design
  • Applicable for fresh or brackish water, seawater & foam
  • Out of box fully assembled & tested valves
  • Factory trimmed for vertical or horizontal installations without modification
  • Extensive valve & trim materials selection and corrosion protection coating
  • High flows and working pressures (up to PN25/375 psi)